Businesspark Berbroek

Businesspark Berbroek


Project name: Business park Berbroek

Location: Herk-de-Stad, Steenweg 3

Surface: 50.542 m²


Existing builings : ± 10.420 m²
New development phase 1 : 4.188 m²
2017: New phase 11 SME units


Water supply on the site
Collective gardening


Business park Berbroek is a phased development. A great part of the existing buildings of the former egg auction are transformed into different warehouses, which now all have a new owner. The first phase of 8 new warehouses has been sold out. In the second phase units from 207 m² to 351 m² are offered. At the same time, the next weeks also the showrooms along the Steenweg N2 will be realized.


Development phase 1 : Architectuur ABRO 
Further development site : Helsen & Van Com


Ballet & Zonen - Oras - Van Hove - Castabo - Dirk Thijs Transport - Intesa - Clavis - Aquacare -BSV Servicecenter - Covess - Ropack - Off Road Action - Corrective Cosmetics





Unit Type Surface Status Download
Cluster A Build to suit Sold
Cluster B Build to suit Sold
C36 Warehouse/showroom 270 m² Sold
C37 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
C38 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
C39 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
C40 Warehouse/showroom 405 m² Sold
C41 Warehouse/showroom 360 m² Sold
C42 Warehouse/showroom 270 m² Sold
C43 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
C44 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
C45 Warehouse/showroom 216 m² Sold
G9 Warehouse/showroom/office 438 m² Sold
G9a Warehouse/showroom 21550 m² Sold
G9 Office 227 m² Sold
F10a Warehouse 217 m² Sold
F11a Warehouse 321 m² Sold
F11 Warehouse/showroom/office 356 m² Sold
F11 Office 40050 m² For sale
F12 Warehouse 266 m² Sold
F13 Warehouse 296 m² Sold
F14 Warehouse 296 m² Sold
F15 Warehouse 296 m² Sold
F26 Warehouse 312 m² Sold
F27 Warehouse 300 m² Sold
F28 Warehouse 300 m² Sold
F29 Warehouse 300 m² Sold
F30 Warehouse 451 m² Sold
Cluster Build to suit Sold
D50 Warehouse 313 m² Sold
D51 Warehouse 216 m² Sold
D52 Warehouse 216 m² Sold
D53 Warehouse 216 m² Sold
D54 Warehouse 216 m² Sold
D55 Warehouse 360 m² For sale
D56 Warehouse 275 m² Sold
D57 Warehouse 269 m² Sold
D58 Warehouse 273 m² Sold
D59 Warehouse 387 m² Sold
D60 Warehouse 277 m² Sold


Businesspark Berbroek verdieping 1
Unit Type Surface Status Download
For sale