West Gate

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Project Name: West Gate

Location: Groot-Bijgaarden, Gossetlaan 32

Timing: Fase 1: 2016-2017

Surface: 5 ha

Buildings: 37.000 m²

Description: Development of former Corelio site into a multifunctional business park with SME units and showrooms.




Unit Type Surface Status Download
A1 multifunctional_space 602 m² For sale
A2 multifunctional_space 547 m² For sale
A3 multifunctional_space 653 m² For sale
A4 multifunctional_space 596 m² For sale
A5 multifunctional_space 651 m² Sold
A6 multifunctional_space 573 m² Sold
For sale
B1 Multifunctional space/showroom 252 m² For sale
B2 Multifunctional space/showroom 327 m² For sale
B3 Warehouse 529 m² For sale
B4 Warehouse 512 m² For sale
B5 Warehouse 521 m² For sale
B6 multifunctional_space 306 m² For sale
B7 multifunctional_space 404 m² For sale
B8 multifunctional_space 306 m² For sale
B9 multifunctional_space 385 m² For sale
For sale
C1 Warehouse/showroom/office 515 m² In option
C2 Warehouse Sold
C3 Warehouse Sold
C4 Warehouse Sold
C5 Warehouse Sold
C6 Warehouse Sold
For sale
D1 Warehouse Sold
D2 Warehouse/showroom/office Sold
D3 Warehouse Sold
D4 Warehouse/showroom/office 297 m² For sale
D5 Warehouse Sold
D6 Warehouse Sold
D7 Warehouse Sold
D8 Warehouse Sold
D9 Warehouse Sold
D10 Warehouse Sold
D11 Warehouse Sold
D12 Warehouse Sold
Projectgrond Build to suit 2465 m² For sale
West Gate 3 verdiepingen 529 m² 521 m² 3 verdiepingen 200 m² 200 m² (GV) + 96 m² (VD+1) 200 m² 200 m² (GV) + 97 m² (VD+1) 200 m² 200 m² 160 m² 240 m² 144 m² 240 m² 150 m² 322 m² 295 m² (GV) + 220 m² (VD+1) 243 m² 240 m² 240 m² 200 m² 209 m² 512 m²

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