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Maison de Table - Studio Mattes

Discover in this video the experiences of Studio Mattes, a manufacturer of porcelain and glassware and the proud owner of a unit at Berbroek business park.

No nonsense but a professional collaboration!

"Ringfoon Telesecretariaat moved to the new office at Ten Briele in February 2015. The collaboration with Futurn was perfect from the beginning till the end! Smooth communication, no false promises, respect for the wishes of the customer .... Thanks Futurn for realizing one of our dreams! "

What Futurn realised, convinced us!

"Our demands were very high when we needed to look for larger offices because of the growth of our company. We were looking for a workplace of high quality for our employees, a business environment with an ambience for our customers, flexible to decorate with our taste, great accessibility and last but not least affordable. With Futurn we found a professional partner who did everything to realize this beautiful project with us and Architecten Groep III, who designed the interior design."


Remels bought a unit at business park Berbroek and is very pleased with this decision. Discover in the video the reasons why!

Confederatie Bouw

Realisation of an office space for Confederatie Bouw.

Cobelguard, a realisation of a tailor made project

"Our company was growing very fast and therefore we had to expand. Because of the correct and fast approach of Futurn, we quickly opened a new location in Limburg."

Always informed!

"The collaboration with Futurn was very pleasant, everything went on as agreed and if we had any questions they were answered correctly!"

One stop shopping, according to the wishes and budget of the customer!

"Sometimes you don't have to go far to find the ideal relocation solution. The business park is ideally located, close to my previous location. Futurn has equipped the building according to my wishes and guided me through the entire construction process. I'm proud that after all those years renting I finally found the business space that suits my professional activity."

Excellent location and appearance!

The company Lumotronic (www.lumotronic.eu), founded in 1992, is a company specialized in lighting and electronic components. This company bought a unit at Prinsen business park in Tongeren and is not sorry for their decision!

Manager Mr. Boets: "We were looking for a new property because our current property was becoming too small. When I saw the advertisement of the new Prinsen business park, I was immediately interested. The location of the business park is very good, it has a nice appearance and is easily accessible. The choice was made quickly, as some of our staff lives nearby. "

Lumotronic chose the decoration on its own. And eventually it became a very beautiful office with a showroom and storage space.

Thanks to the park management, I know that my building is professionally managed!

"In the food sector, it has to go fast. Thanks to the pragmatic approach of Futurn, my hall was built, designed and adapted to the strictest nutrition standards in only 8 months. I even took care of the opening reception of the business park! Good and clear agreements from the start. Due to the excellent collaboration between Futurn, my architect and contractors who took on the indoor business, the project was a complete success."

Flexibility in implementation and budget, not just empty words!

"As a young and growing company, it is important to invest in a flexible and value-efficient housing that encourages my further growth. The business park has a unique location. And because of the build-to-suit I was able to decorate the small interior works according to my own taste and budget. I kinda hope that we will grow so much that I'll have to invest in the next project of Futurn."

Say no more...

"Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure working with you. We have been comfortable and confident with you and your team since day one. Your commitment to ensuring a positive experience for your customer is obvious … and much appreciated."


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